How To Make A Fitted Face Mask

How To Make A Fitted Face Mask | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Image By: Brittany Baily Via Youtube


If you are tired of a scarf that may slip on your face, you may want to try this DIY fitted face mask. I was having the problem of a slipping scarf and when I found this fitted face mask tutorial by Brittany Baily on YouTube, I knew I had found the answer to my dilemma. I’m so happy I found this mask tutorial because it’s made so well, yet so simple, even the beginner will not have any trouble making this easy sewing project. The best part about this fitted mask is that you use a flat twist tie off a bag of coffee to make the mask drape over your nose correctly. However, the masks that you can make at home are not proven to protect against COVID 19 and I have only made them in a pinch to wear with another disposable mask. For in-depth information regarding how to protect yourself against COVID 19, please view this link from the CDC Website describing all safe practices during the COVID 19 outbreak.


Suggested Materials:

  • Elastic paracord (or covered hair bands)
  • A bead (for adjusting the earpieces to fit)
  • A flat twist tie off of a coffee bag
  • Quilter’s cotton fabric (or sheets, pillowcases, tea towels, fabric napkins, or flannel)
  • Scissors
  • A sewing machine
  • Paper (to draw your pattern)


In this wonderful video tutorial by Brittany Baily on YouTube, you will learn to make a fitted face mask from start to finish. You start by making a simple pattern out of paper then using that pattern to cut out the fabric in the correct shape. You will then just follow the simple instructions in the video tutorial and just sew along with Brittany.

Make A Pattern Out Of Paper For A Fitted Face Mask

The earpieces have a bead that can be moved up and down to provide a custom fit.

Use Beads To Adjust The Earpeices On A Fitted Face Mask

This face mask is so comfortable, I really love it!

How To Make A Fitted Face Mask

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