How To Make A Custom Baking Pan Cover

How To Make A Custom Baking Pan Cover | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Image by SewVeryEasy via YouTube


A custom baking pan cover is a convenient idea to bring a hot pan from the oven to the table. This baking pan cover tutorial by SewVeryEasy on YouTube shows how too many a cover for any container that you like. Although oven mittens are nice, this comes in handy because it wraps around the whole dish. Plus, it’s a nice way to create something cute for your baking pan that will add a nice pop of color to the dinner table. There are many usages out of this baking pan cover such as taking a dish to a potluck or a gathering at a friend’s house. My favorite thing about this custom baking pan cover would be the carrying handles because it’s safe and covers every spot.



  • any baking pan dish
  • white long paper
  • pencil
  • ruler
  • 2 layers of cotton fabric
  • 2 layer of batting


First, mark and trace your measurements from your baking dish onto the white paper. Watch SewVeryEasy tutorial on YouTube for the full instructions and details on how to measure around the whole baking dish.

Outline A Baking Pan To Make A Custom Pan Cover - SewVeryEasy Tutorials
Image by SewVeryEasy via YouTube

Next, once you get the measurements for your baking dish, take your pattern or template to trace out on top of your 2 pieces of fabric. Make sure to quilt the batting on one side for both pieces. The batting needs to be on the outside, and once the pattern is on the fabric, cut it out.

DIY Customizable Baking Pan Cover - DIY Sewing Cookware Items - DIY Kitchen
Image by SewVeryEasy via YouTube

With the holidays coming up, it would be fun to make this baking cover and give as a gift. Also, it would be nice to have a couple of these on hand for me too because I will be making a lot of casseroles and dishes for the holidays. This will ensure and keep the dishes still hot and warm too when they’re snuggled up in a baking fabric cover.

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