How To Freeze Eggs

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Eggs are one of the most healthy and loved foods the world over, but many people tend to believe that eggs are a food that can only be bought and eaten within a certain amount of time to retain their freshness. I have to admit I had subscribed to this line of thinking until I found this excellent video on Youtube describing how you can freeze eggs and I was blown away because the method could not have been more simple. At first, I thought that you would actually freeze the whole egg on its shell but that wasn’t the case at all, you remove the egg from the shell and freeze the inside of the egg. The method you will use to freeze your eggs is so simple and only requires a few basic tools. You actually only need a blender and some small sandwich size plastic zip lock bags. You whip the eggs in the blender two at a time very gently, one pulse is enough because if your egg starts to foam and gain froth you will get freezer burn on your eggs after they have been in the freezer for a short amount of time and you don’t want that to happen. Then you put your eggs in a zip lock baggie, being careful to remove all the remaining air and lay flat on the freezer floor and the egg will freeze into easily storable sheets.


Materials/ Ingredients:

  • Eggs
  • Zip Lock Sandwich Bags
  • A Blender


In the video, you will be shown how you crack the eggs and pulse lightly in the blender then place the lightly beaten egg mixture into your zip lock sandwich baggies and freeze laying flat.

Freeze your eggs and keep them for longer with this easy method

Then you will see how easily they will store like a little filing cabinet.

How To Freeze your eggs with zip lock bags and keep them for longer

This method really saves a lot of money and waste and you will have eggs if a shortage ever occurs.

How To Freeze Eggs

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