How To Fix A Noisy Garage Door

How To Fix A Noisy Garage Door | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Image by AdamDIY via YouTube


I know that having a noisy garage door can disturb people in your household, but AdamDIY on YouTube shows 5 ways to make the garage door quieter.


Put a bushing in

DIY Garage Door Maintenance - Garage Door Tips and Hacks
Image by AdamDIY via YouTube

If the garage door is making a lot of noise from inside the house, it’s because the energy vibration in the opener is being transferred through the beams straight into the support in the roofs. You can unscrew the lag bolt and put a bushing in. It acts as a shock absorber, so the metal beam is not riding onto the ceiling.

Tighten the chain

This only applies to those that have a chain on the garage door instead of a belt. Chains can fatigue over time and can sag far enough to hit the metal that rides along the track. The loose chain can make a rattling noise.

Straighten and align the track

Both sides of the garage doors have rollers, and sometimes they can get misaligned by a car or bike. If it’s out of alignment then it can make a loud grinding noise, because the metal is riding against metal. The track is secured with brackets, so you can unscrew it and adjust it if it’s needed.

Use lithium grease

Grease Noisy Garage Doors - How To Avoid Loud Squeaks and Rattling Noise From Garage
Image by AdamDIY via YouTube

Oil the rollers, hinges, pulleys, and coils with lithium grease.

Lubricate the trolley

This is a common problem with garage doors, the trolley can dry out and be misaligned. Lubricate the track all the way down to avoid the loud grinding noise.

Overall, these are great tips to keep into consideration to avoid the loud rattling and screeching noises from your garage doors. This can help stop the annoyance for others, and although it might not fully get rid of the loud sounds, it can lessen the noise.

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