How To Dry Clothes Without A Dryer

How To Dry Clothes Without A Dryer | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Image credits: Monica's NewLife via Youtube


If you don’t own a dryer or yours is broken, I’m sure this drying tutorial from Monica’s NewLife on YouTube will help you a lot. You’ll only need hangers and a drying rack for this, and you don’t even need to hang your clothes outside; it’s easy, simple, and effective. I’ve tried this method a bunch of times, and it works every time, especially those times when my dryer is not working. Try this today and share it with your friends and family! Watch the video tutorial below to learn the step by step instructions. Thanks to Monica’s NewLife for this fantastic tutorial. Make sure to check the channel for more videos just like this.



  • hanger
  • hanging rack


Step 1

Once you finished washing your clothes in the washer, take them one by one, and shake them off.

Shaking off the clothes before hanging
Image credits: Monica’s NewLife via Youtube


Step 2

After this, take a hanger, go in from the bottom of the shirt, then hang it nicely. Repeat this with all the shirts.

Step 3

For the jeans, shake them off, then hang them in half.

Step 4

Once you have all your clothes hanging up, leave a space between each piece so they get some air circulation.

Step 5

Now, just let the clothes hang overnight to dry.

Hanging the clothes with ample space
Image credits: Monica’s NewLife via Youtube

How To Dry Clothes Without A Dryer

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