How To Clean Winter Salt Stains On Car’s Carpet

How To Clean Winter Salt Stains On Car’s Carpet | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Image by carquestions via YouTube


It’s easy to accumulate snow and salt on your shoes from walking around before going back into your car. Carquestions on YouTube show how to remove ugly salt stains in 5 minutes with a couple of cups of water. It’s a quick and easy way to get rid of the ugly stains on your car carpet. This is important to do immediately because the salt can do permanent damage to your carpet. He shows step by step that is an all-natural method. The instructions in this video are easy to follow along with and it’s quick. I like how this does not require any chemicals and only water. It’s inexpensive to do this at home with the supplies that you may already have around the house.



  • wet/dry vac
  • squirt bottle filled with hot water
  • microfiber cloth
  • small scrub brush


First, take the spray bottle and soak the area with the hot water because it expands the heat and the water dissolves the salt. Let the hot water sit for a second, and this depends on how much salt you have. Continue to watch Carquestions tutorial on YouTube for full instructions and details.

Clean The Winter Salt Stain On Your Car's Carpet - All Natural Way
Image by carquestions via YouTube

Next, use the vacuum to soak up the water from the spray bottle after scrubbing. This will ensure that the carpet doesn’t have a funky smell.

Salt Stain Removal - Carpet Removal for Salt - Winter Cleaning
Image by carquestions via YouTube

Overall, this is a great idea to do after a snowstorm because you can wash your car through the automatic machines and go to the free vacuum. However, if you wash your car at home, this would save money if you have all the materials and supplies. Salt stains are so bad when it gets on the carpet and it tracts all of the grittiness that can stay there for a long time if you do not react immediately.

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