How To Clean Tea Kettles With Natural Ingredients

How To Clean Tea Kettles With Natural Ingredients | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

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Tea kettles can build up mineral deposits on the sides and bottom of the pot, and ehowhome on YouTube demonstrates how to clean the teapots with natural ingredients. These ingredients may already be available in your home because they are useful for many households cleaning or cooking. The hydrogen peroxide would disinfect the kettle,  and the white vinegar with salt and ice cubes would clean it with all the natural acids. It takes simple ingredients to clean a tea kettle. Plus, it’s easy to do without a lot of effort.



  • ice cubes
  • salt
  • white vinegar
  • lemon juice
  • hydrogen peroxide
  • sponge
  • small bottle brush (to clean the nozzle of the kettle head)


First, put the ice cubes into the kettle, and add salt. This will turn into a scrub because the salt will melt the ice cubes. Swish the 2 ingredients around. You can combine other ingredients that are different kinds of acids such as white vinegar or lemon juice too. The ice cubes would act as a scrub when shaking them around.

Use Salt and Natural Ingredients To Clean Kettle - cleaning a stainless kettle pot
Image by ehowhome via YouTube


Next, use a sponge to get a deeper cleaning in the kettle. Also, use a small bristle brush that might clean a bottle to clean the spout of the teapot because the water that pours out of the nozzles builds up too.

How To restore tea kettle pot - how to clean a kettle pot - Natural way to clean tea pot
Image by ehowhome via YouTube

Note: you may mix all of the ingredients in one, and they would all work together to get the mineral deposits. Overall, I didn’t realize it is essential to clean the insides of the kettle pot, but now I will consider it so it doesn’t build up too much overtime. I know there are many people who would never clean their teapots and use it until it becomes super rusty then throw it out. So, this would be good to do if you want your kettle to last for a long time.

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