How to Clean Brass At Home

How to Clean Brass At Home | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Ever wanted to clean brass decor or other brass items but afraid you might ruin them? I was and then I found some brass cleaner at the grocery store and found it did very little in terms of making much difference in the appearance of dirty brass items. Turns out, to clean brass like a professional you need to add some other household items to the mix to properly clean and shine brass to make it look new again. A magnet, of all things is super helpful when it comes to removing the stains and tarnish from old brass. Pull out these items and watch this Youtube video to learn how to get super shiny brass that sparkles again.


I tried this on a mailbox I found in a garage sale and it looks so amazing now, I can’t even tell you. The people who were getting rid of it would definitely not have wanted to part with the beauty that now graces my front entry. Brass is really pretty when it is shiny and clean and super dingy and awful looking when it is not. If you have some brass that is badly in need of a makeover, here is what you need.

Supplies needed to clean brass at home:


Rubber gloves

Varnish remover

Dish soap


Brass Polish

Clear lacquer


Cleaning Cloths


Follow the step by step instructions in this video for a super effective brass cleaning method.

How to Clean Brass At Home - Ingredients for Homemade Brass Cleaning Recipe

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