How To Clean Baked On Stains Off Enamel Stove Top

How To Clean Baked On Stains Off Enamel Stove Top | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Image by ehowhome via YouTube


An enamel stovetop can get dirty real fast from baked-on stains when cooking, however, ehowhome on YouTube shows how to clean the stains off without damaging it. I remember when we had this type of stove top growing up, it was a hassle to clean because it was white. It sucked because the surface was scratched from not cleaning it properly. This tutorial uses natural products such as baking soda to lift off the stains. I would avoid this type of stove top in the future because it gets dirty and you’d have to take detailed care.



  • baking soda
  • wet rag
  • eco sponge
  • sponge for nonstick pans
  • dish soap and water


First, remove all of the burners from the rings which comes out in one piece.

Use Baking Soda to Remove Stains on Enamel Stove Top - Stove top cleaning - Natural Kitchen Cleaning
Image by ehowhome via YouTube


Next, there are many methods that work but first, try dipping a wet rag into baking soda. Use the wet rag to go over the enamel quickly and it should take the built up grease right off. If that doesn’t work, use an eco sponge or nonstick sponge. Make sure to not scrub or use anything harsh because it will scratch the top of the stove. Continue to watch ehowhome tutorial on YouTube for full instructions and details.

DIY Baked On Stove Top Stains - DIY Enamel Stove Top Cleaning
Image by ehowhome via YouTube

Overall, enamel stove tops are delicate and it’s important to take good care if you want to prevent scratching. Make sure to clean off the baking soda and dry off before adding the rings back on and cooking. I wish I knew this tip way years back because the stove top is now scratched up and looks bad. My parents have 2 different types of stove top because they do a lot of cooking. Oddly enough, my mom hates the smell of fried food in the house so we have an enamel stove downstairs in the garage.

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