Rub a Lemon on Your Glass Stove Top

Rub a Lemon on Your Glass Stove Top | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

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Are you wondering how to clean a glass stovetop without using harmful chemical products? If you are, Clean With Confidence has a simple solution for you! If you love to cook a lot, it is normal to get your stovetop full of oil splatters, spills, and bits of food. And if you don’t clean it right away, it will build up and harden. Once that happens, it will be harder to clean.


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There’s actually an easy way to remove all those soils and hard food from your stovetop. It’s a simple kitchen trick that will give you a clean stovetop free from scratches. You don’t need to scrub hard or use any soft scrubs with this cheap alternative! All you need is lemon, baking soda, and a microfiber cloth. It works incredibly well and is safe for everyone at home, unlike the products that contains harmful chemicals.


Natural Glass Stove Top Cleaner

  • lemon
  • baking soda
  • microfiber cloth


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How to Clean a Glass Stovetop

Step 1:

Slice the lemon in half.

Step 2:

Get one of the halves and dip the flesh into baking soda.

Glass Stove Top Cleaner 
Image by Clean With Confidence via YouTube

Step 3:

Rub the stovetop with the lemon. Squeeze a little bit of the lemon juice as you do it. You will see the reaction of the juice and baking soda mixing together.

You can also sprinkle some baking soda directly on the stovetop with your hands, then rub it with the lemon. Make sure to remove the seeds off the stove top as they could potentially scratch the surface.

How to Clean a Glass Stove Top
Image by Clean With Confidence via YouTube

Step 4:

Let it sit for about 15 minutes. This step will help loosen up any of the solids, making it a lot easier to clean and wipe away.

Step 5:

Wipe it with a microfiber cloth. Make sure not to use paper towels, tissues, or napkins as they are wood-based. The fibers in them will create small scratches on your stovetop.

Rub a Lemon on Your Glass Stovetop

Rub a LEMON on your Glass Stove Top

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