How To Clean A Gas Burner

How To Clean A Gas Burner | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Image by Trop facile! via YouTube


Gas burners are always complicated to wash and they get dirty easily from cooking. However, this tutorial by Trop facile! on YouTube shows how easy it is to clean a gas burner using white vinegar and a stainless steel sponge. I know how easy it easy to get food splashed onto the gas burner, and letting it build up over time can be a hassle to clean if you don’t clean it immediately. I’m speaking from experience because my parents had a white gas burner stove, which was harder to clean off. It’s not fun cleaning off gas burners, but it needs to be done, and tutorials like these are so helpful. These as simple and easy tricks to use when cleaning your gas burner, economically and ecologically.



  • high concentrated white vinegar
  • stainless steel sponge
  • dish soap
  • universial stone cleaner, optional


First, start off by removing the burner from the stove. Then, place the burner in a bowl with hot white vinegar. Let it soak overnight, and the smell of vinegar can be strong so make sure to place it outside.

Scrub With a Metallic Sponge To Clean Stove - Easy Cleaning Tips
Image by Trop facile! via YouTube

Next, drain out the vinegar and add dish soap to the metallic sponge. Place the burner at the bottom of the sink and start scrubbing hard to take off the excess black dirty marks. This can take a process to rub off, but make sure to rinse after a while of scrubbing.

Learn how To Clean a Gas Burner - tips and Hacks - Kitchen Cleaning
Image by Trop facile! via YouTube

I think it’s interesting to soak in white vinegar overnight to help the residue come off easier. Also, I think it’s cool that he uses a “universal stone” that seems to work better too. If you’re on a budget, these are easy cleaning tips when cleaning your stove in the kitchen. The metallic stainless steel sponge is a miracle.

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