How To Build A Christmas Tree From Scrap Wood

How To Build A Christmas Tree From Scrap Wood | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Image by Moser Makes via YouTube


This is a creative way to build a Christmas tree that can be made up to any size if you have scrap wood laying around your woodworking shop. This DIY wooden Christmas tree by Moser Makes on YouTube can use up those extra scraps, because you’re going to need quite a few to make this tree. (Depending on the size) Also, it may be hard to find a tree this year so this is a nice alternative if you do not want an artificial one that’s made of plastic. Plus, Christmas trees can be expensive, and this DIY project could be budget-friendly if you already have most of the materials and supplies at your house.



  • galvanized pipe
  • flange
  • hole saw (slightly bigger in diameter of the pipe)
  • circular saw
  • string
  • pencil
  • spray paint
  • drill
  • short screws
  • wood


First, make the base of the Christmas tree by mounting the flange onto circular scrap plywood, and screw in the pipe to it. You can spray paint it any color you want.

How To Use Wood Scraps To Make Christmas Tree - Easy Woodworking Ideas
Image by Moser Makes via YouTube


Next, now that the base is made, pick out the scraps of wood for your tree. Layout all of your wood into a tree shape. Then, cut some of it down to size, and rip down if they’re too thick. Continue to watch Moser Makes tutorial on YouTube for full instructions and details.

DIY Christmas Decor IDeas - Scrap Wood Christmas Tree - christmas Wood Working
Image by Moser Makes via YouTube

In conclusion, this DIY Christmas tree is a great idea if you want a different version than a traditional one. I think it would be neat to try this type of tree out one year, except in a smaller version to put in another room. Although I think this is a cool idea, I love the big green fluffy ones to go into the living room.

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