10 Hanging Plant DIY Hacks for Renters

10 Hanging Plant DIY Hacks for Renters | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Image by: Sarah Bird


Do you love plants but have limited space? Here are 10 hanging plant DIY hacks for renters like you by Sarah Bird on Youtube. You don’t need to drill holes or hammer nails into the walls. These amazing tips are cheap, effective, and renter-friendly. If you are a plant lover, these are the solutions you’ve been looking for. If you want to see how each item looks, watch the video below.



1. Coat hat stand

Some of these coat hat stands have 8 hooks on top and 4 in the middle. This will help you save a lot of space and keep a lot of your plants in one place. The good thing about using this is that you can easily transfer them all at once.

2. Ladder

You can just lean a ladder against the wall. If the steps are thin, you can hang the plants. If they are wide, you can place your plants with pots in each step.

3. Command hooks and curtain rod

For this one, you’ll use the command hooks for the curtain rods. Use 4 of the command hooks or more. Make sure to check how much weight one can carry so your plants won’t fall. Once you installed them, you can now easily hang your plants.

10 Hanging Plant DIY Hack for Renters Tricks
Image by: Sarah Bird


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4. Tension rods

This work by creating tension between two surfaces. You can use this in the shower or your kitchen.

5. Command strip wall-mounted hooks

Screw some wall-mounted hooks into a block of wood and attach them to the wall with strong command strips.

10 Hanging Plant DIY Hack for Renters s-hooks
Image by: Sarah Bird



6. Using s-hooks to hang from areas in your home

If you have some edges, you can just use s-hooks or you can use over-the-door hooks.

7. Over-the-toilet storage

You can place your plants in your bathroom over the toilet storage.

8. Using a clothes rack

If you don’t want your plants to be crowded in one place just like with the coat hat stand, you can use a clothing rack.

9. Pole across the cupboard

If you have a space between your cupboards you can put a pole between them and just use a heavy object to stop them from rolling or moving.

10. Nail in curtain rod hooks

If you have a window that has a frame, you can use these nail-in curtain rod hooks.



10 Hanging Plant DIY Hack for Renters

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