Did You Know You Could Easily Grow Pineapples At Home? Learn How…

Did You Know You Could Easily Grow Pineapples At Home? Learn How… | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Have you tried growing a pineapple plant? A few weeks ago, I crossed my fingers and tried growing a pineapple plant. I’m happy to say that last week I finally placed it firmly in the soil. I can see my little pot sitting in the window waiting for the morning sunlight to some in our windows. So far so good and who knew that something so simple, can bring so much excitement!


Pineapple plants are low-maintenance and grow inside as successfully as they do outside, they are an ideal fruit plant for even a novice gardener living in any location. This guy says that these are so easy to grow that you can’t really fail at it!

He starts by growing a new pineapple plant from the top, or crown, of a mature pineapple fruit instead of from seeds. It couldn’t be easier!

Keep in mind that when choosing a pineapple to start the new plant, an organic pineapple with bright, strong and vibrant leaves is best. Avoid pineapples with brown, spotted, wilted or dead leaves.

Pick a plump pineapple that is evenly ripe — more gold than green, with firm, fresh-looking skin. Also, the size of the fruit does not necessarily dictate ripeness.

Watch how Mr Eastcoastman shows us how start a pineapple plant in his step by step tutorial so you can grow pineapples too!

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