Grow Garlic In A Soda Bottle

Grow Garlic In A Soda Bottle | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

This has got to be one of the coolest summer DIY’s I’ve found. Who would have known garlic could grow in a plastic bottle? Not me. DIY Garden Ideas has changed my gardening techniques with this YouTube video for sure. After just one week, I had so many garlic buds to plant in my garden.


Materials Needed For This DIY

  • Plastic Bottle (Soda 2 Liter)
  • Scissors or Knife
  • Garlic
  • Pot
  • Potting Soil
  • Larger Plastic Bottle (Large Water Jug)


Step One

First, take the labels off of your plastic bottles. Cut holes into your bottles. This is what the plant leaves will grow out of. You can use scissors, a knife, or even a wood-burning tool to just poke large holes into the bottle.

Step Two

Put water into the bottom portion of your bottle. Cut the ends of each bud of garlic off, then place the garlic buds into the holes in the plastic bottle.

Garlic In A Bottle - Gardening Hacks

Image by. DIY Garden Ideas via YouTube video.

Step Three

Fill up a pot with soil. Dig a spot in the soil to place the bottle with garlic.

Garlic Grow In A Bottle - Gardening Hack

Image by. DIY Garden Ideas via YouTube video.


Step Four

Cut the bottom of a large plastic bottle and place it over the garlic-filled bottles in the soil. water the soil around the large bottle in the pots. After just three days, the buds should be forming roots and stems. After about 10 days they can be removed to be planted into soil.

Step Five

Fill a pot with soil and dig small holes in the soil to plant the garlic buds in. Let the buds continue to grow. in elevated pots with good drainage. Water them as you normally would and watch your garlic grow!

Plastic Bottle Garlic Plant

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