Grandmother’s Fan Quilt With Jenny Doan

Grandmother’s Fan Quilt With Jenny Doan | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Image by Missouri Star via YouTube


I have seen this fan block several times before, but I have never seen it arranged this way. Isn’t this pattern fun and cute? I love that each fan is connected, creating this groovy pattern. If you are wondering about other patterns you can make from this block, just search ‘fan quilt pattern’ on the internet, and you’ll find many awesome ideas online.


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Some people stay away from curved patterns as they can be hard to sew, but this grandmother’s fan quilt by Missouri Star is surely one of the simplest ones. You won’t have a hard time finishing this quilt. To create each blade of the fan, you need a dresden template. There are a lot of designs you can make using this ruler, and this pattern is just one of those.

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Easy Grandmother’s Fan Quilt Materials

  • 3 packs of 5″ print squares
  • 1 pack of 10″ solid squares
  • 1 1/4 yards of border fabric
  • 4 3/4 yards of baking
  • dresden template

How to Make Grandmother’s Fan Quilt

Step 1:

Take all the 5″ print squares and cut all the little peaks on opposite sides.

Step 2:

Stack some of the 5″ print squares and place the dresden template on top. Move it to the side with the top aligned to the edge. Cut on both sides of the ruler. Rotate the ruler and do the same to the other side. Do the same for 2 1/2 of your print squares.

Step 3:

Get 5 pieces of dresden and sew them together to make the fan with a 1/4″ seam allowance. Press it flat. Remove the threads.

Step 4:

Place one fan in a 10″ solid square on the corner. Glue in place using a glue stick.

Easy Grandmother's Fan Quilt Materials
Image by Missouri Star via YouTube

Step 5:

Using cardboard, cut a 5″ circle template. Fold  a 5″ square in half twice. Place the circle on top, and lay it on the corner so it went edge to edge. Make sure the open part is on the outside of the circle. Trace the circle, and trim. Cut the circle into fourths.

Step 6:

Place one of the fourths on the bottom corner of the pan and glue it in place.

How to Make Grandmother's Fan Quilt
Image by Missouri Star via YouTube

Step 7:

Top stitch across the curved edge and along the edge of the quarter circle.

Step 8:

Arrange blocks just like in the photo below.

Grandmother’s Fan Quilt With Jenny Doan

Grandmother's Fan Quilt Tutorial

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