6 Genius Uses Of Silica Gel

6 Genius Uses Of Silica Gel | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

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Have you ever wondered what those silica gel packets are for? You see them in a box of a new pair of shoes or sometimes inside a cabinet. They look strange but they’re actually quite the lifesaver. Silica gel is known for its anti-moisture property which could help prolong a garment’s or equipment’s life. Unnecessary moisture could also lead to unwanted odor caused by bacteria which can be prevented by these gel packets. Watch this video tutorial by BRIGHT SIDE on YouTube to find out the various uses of silica gel.



  • Silica gel packets


Rescue your phone from water damage

Put enough gel packets in a Ziploc bag to fully surround your phone, then place the phone inside, and let it sit for 24 hours. This silica gel will suck the water and moisture out of your phone which could help save it from being damaged.


Keep your gym gear odor-free

Putting a packet or two of silica gel into your gym bag will help absorb all the unnecessary moisture which in turn will keep your bag odor-free.

How To Use Silica Gel
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Make your makeup last longer

Keep a silica packet in your makeup bag, 1 packet will be enough to keep your cosmetics dry and avoid unfortunate makeup mishaps and will make them last longer.

Keep all your important papers safe

To protect your files, cassette tapes, pictures, and other mementos safe keep them together with silica gel packets.

Store your seeds

If you want to keep your seeds fresh when you store them for the next season, seal them in a container together with 1 or 2 packets of silica gel.

Keep dry foods dry

Tape one silica gel packet to the lid of a container filled with bread crumbs, crackers, dried herbs, or whatever has to be kept dry and crispy.

Clever Silica Gel Hacks
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6 Genius Uses Of Silica Gel

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