Fried Squirrel Recipe

Fried Squirrel Recipe | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Image by E Factor Outdoors via YouTube


A fried squirrel can sound alarming if you’re not used to that culture of hunting, but this recipe by E Factor Outdoors on YouTube shows how to hunt, cook, and clean a squirrel. The important and hard part of this recipe is cleaning the squirrel. The cooking process is very simple, and only a few ingredients are required to make it a fried squirrel. This is a great recipe to follow along because this video takes you through the process of getting the squirrel and preparing it with a full meal. For example, he shows how to use the squirrel’s dripping to make gravy.



  • squirrel
  • eggs
  • breadcrumbs
  • oil
  • any seasonings


First, to cook the squirrel, place it in the instant pot with water, salt, and pepper. Let the squirrel slowly depressure in the pot for about 9 minutes. Also, if you don’t have an instant pot, put the squirrel in a crockpot, but it would take about 5-8 hours or until it’s tender.

Use an Instant Pot For Tender Squirrel - Hunt, Cook, and Clean Squirrel Recipe
Image by E Factor Outdoors via YouTube


Next, after the squirrel is tender, dip it in egg wash, and bread crumbs. Fry the battered squirrel in a cast-iron skillet or pan filled with hot oil. Continue to watch E Factor Outdoors on YouTube for instructions and details.

Easy Fried Squirrel Meal - Southern Hunting - Hunting Recipes
Image by E Factor Outdoors via YouTube

Overall, I’m not a big fan of hunting, but there are many people who do it as a hobby which we all have our own opinions. However, the final meal came out nicely, and the fried squirrel looks like fried frog legs or catfish. I’ve had many friends who had squirrel before and said it is gamey. Also, I’m not a big meat fan so I stick to the basics when it comes to protein. I am interested to see how it would taste, but I would never go out myself to hunt a squirrel.

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