How to Fix Food That is Too Salty

How to Fix Food That is Too Salty | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

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Sometimes we accidentally make our food too salty. This can be a nightmare when you have guests coming over to your house minutes away. Don’t throw them away; you can still save them! Judi in the Kitchen has 12 tips and solutions on how to fix food that is too salty. If you find these effective, make sure to share them with your friends, so they’ll know what to do when they encounter the same problem.



1. Add more liquid to your food

If it’s a soup or sauce, add some more liquid then taste it. Add some other flavorings to help compensate for the added liquid.

How to Fix Food That is Too Salty Soup
Image by: Judi in the Kitchen


2. Increase the recipe

Add more ingredients except for the salt. If you are making a stew, try adding more vegetables or meat.

3. Put sauce or topping on salty cooked meat

Leave the salt out for the topping and sauce. Smother the meat with it and hopefully, it will balance each other.

4. Put a topping or sauce on a salty casserole

Like the solution above, you can do it to your main dish.

5. Add acid ingredients to your food ( lemon, vinegar, or tomatoes)

This works well with liquid foods such as soup and sauce or even vegetables.


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6. Add a bit of sweetener

You can use white sugar, brown sugar, molasses, honey, maple syrup, agave nectar, or any type of sweetener. Make sure to not add too much sugar. You can also make it a cream-based dish.

How to Fix Food That is Too Salty Pasta
Image by: Judi in the Kitchen


7. Try to add potatoes

You can add potatoes to your stew and soups, but you need to add more liquid. Make sure to not add more salt. If you are cooking something that doesn’t have potatoes in the ingredients, take a whole potato and wash it very well. Don’t peel it and add it to your food. Allow it to cook in there until it is completely cooked then take it out.

8. Soak in water

You can soak the bacon in a pot of water for at least an hour. Pat your food dry and proceed with cooking.

9. Don’t measure over the pot

Don’t pour the salt into a teaspoon or cup over your food, if you over-pour the extra will go straight in there.

10. Check the lid

Check the lid of your salt shaker first before adding salt. If the lid is not tight or broken, chances are you’ll put way too much salt into your food.

11. Consider other ingredients

Ingredients like capers, anchovies, soy sauce, fish sauce, or even salted butter have salt in them.

12. Start with a little seasoning, taste then adjust

Add a little bit of seasoning in the beginning, let it cook then give it a taste. Adjust the seasoning based on your preference, little by little.



You can find more tips in the comment section of the video on Youtube.

How to Fix a Food That is Too Salty

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