Turn Fabric Scraps and an Old Tile Into a Beautiful Coaster

Turn Fabric Scraps and an Old Tile Into a Beautiful Coaster | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Image by: Hometalk


Do you love repurposed crafts? You will surely get excited to start this craft project. With this video tutorial by Hometalk, you can turn fabric scraps into a beautiful tile coaster! These are very easy and simple to make. Get creative in choosing the shape and fabric pattern you will use for this DIY. You can even choose the same cloth you used on your sheets or curtains. Watch the video below for the full instructions.



  • Leftover or inexpensive tiles
  • fabric scraps
  • wax paper
  • resin
  • mod podge
  • brush
  • painter’s tape
  • straight knife
  • gloves
  • disposable tray or old cookie sheets
  • little cup or any object that you can use to place the tile on
  • stick
  • hair dryer


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Step 1 :

Remove the individual tiles from the mesh backing. Just pull the mesh right from the back.

Step 2:

Take your fabric scraps and cut a piece bigger than your tile. If your fabric is the same as this flower pattern, pick and choose the designs you want to show on your coaster. Then cut around that. Do the same process for the other coaster that you will make. Take the wax paper and lay it on the surface.

Step 3:

Put a generous amount of mod podge onto the tile using a brush and coat the top and corner sides. Once you have a nice thick coat, lay your fabric right side down and place the tile. Smoothen the mod podge right out. Fold the fabric onto the sides. Then put a layer of mod podge over the top of the fabric. When working with resin, make sure that the fabric or paper is sealed so that the resin will not discolor the fabric or paper. Turn it over, pull the fabric back and use painter’s tape to hold them down. Take a little cup or object, then set the tile on top. This will help the bottom part to dry faster.

Turn Fabric Scraps and an Old Tile Into a Beautiful Coaster Materials
Image by: Hometalk


Step 4:

Once the mod podge is mostly dry, remove the tape, lift one corner and trim off the extra fabric. With the coster upside down, take a straight knife and slide it along the back side to remove excess fabric.

Step 5:

Wear your gloves and prepare your resin. Generally, it’s one part hardener and one part resin. Set this aside to eliminate the bubbles. Get the tray, place the little cups inside, and place the tile on top. Make sure that the surface is leveled. Then pour over the resin on the top and use a stick to spread it evenly. Check if you covered all of the fabric with resin.

Turn Fabric Scraps and an Old Tile Into a Beautiful Coaster Instructions
Image by: Hometalk

Step 6:

Using your hair dryer on a low setting, give the tiles a light blow to remove the little air bubbles. Then let it sit for 24 hours.

Step 7:

Add feet to the tiles. Using a glue gun, add a little dab of glue to the corners and flatten them out.


Turn Fabric Scraps and an Old Tile Into a Beautiful Coaster

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