$1.25 Miracle Cleaning Hacks That You Should Know!

$1.25 Miracle Cleaning Hacks That You Should Know! | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

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Shaving cream has a lot of uses than you can think and it is very effective in cleaning. Using this item is very practical and smart because you can easily find and purchase the cheapest shaving cream in the nearest store. Shaving cream contains water and a couple of chemicals that are all basically alcohol which is why it is very effective in cleaning and breaking down grime and dirt.


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There are a lot of ways and items that you can clean with it and you’ll surely be surprised once you learn what they are. Read the list down below to learn a trick or two, and watch this video tutorial by Andrea Jean Cleaning for more details and a demonstration.

How to Use Shaving Cream for Cleaning:

Oven Door

If you have a foggy or greasy oven door, then put a tiny amount of shaving cream on a microfiber cloth, and use it to buff out and shine the surface of the oven door.


Shaving cream is also effective in removing stains or dirt on your refrigerator as it contains alcohol which helps break down the grime, simply buff it out with shaving cream on a microfiber cloth.


Another smart use of shaving cream is for cleaning jewelry. Add some shaving cream to a small bowl or container of water, then drop the jewelry in, and give them a good mix and rub. Rinse the jewelry and use it.

Stainless Faucet

Your kitchen or bathroom faucet can accumulate minerals and hardened water stains over time, and the quickest and easiest way to clean it is by buffing it with shaving cream in a microfiber cloth.


Shaving cream is also very effective in cleaning porcelain toilets or toilet tanks, wipe the whole surface with shaving cream until covered, then let it sit for about 10 minutes or more, and wipe it clean. This not only cleans the toilet and makes it smell fresh, but it also kills germs and disinfects the area along the way.

How to Clean Using Shaving Cream
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Sometimes you will see splashes of toothpaste or hardened water in your bathroom mirror and the best way to clean it out within just a few seconds is with a microfiber cloth and an ample amount of shaving cream.

Glass Window

If you have glass windows or doors that are starting to become foggy, then buff it out quickly with a microfiber cloth along with some shaving cream.


Most doorknobs are made out of stainless steel and you can clean them easily with shaving cream. You can also clean the whole door with it especially if you find some grime and dirt along the way.


If your bathtub is starting to become a yellowish color, then apply a generous amount of shaving cream to a microfiber cloth, and rub it all over the bathtub. Give it a good rinse and you’re done.


The rubber or white part of your shoe can be cleaned easily with shaving cream and restore it to its former sparkling white glory. It can also make the shoe smell fresh.

Easy Shaving Cream Cleaning Tips and Hacks
Image credit: Andrea Jean Cleaning via YouTube

$1.25 Miracle Cleaning Hacks That You Should Know!

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$1.25 Miracle Cleaning Hacks That You Should Know!

$1.25 Miracle Cleaning Hacks That You Should Know!

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