Stylish & Simple DIY Will Change How You Charge Your Phone Forever!

Stylish & Simple DIY Will Change How You Charge Your Phone Forever! | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas


I am not a huge technology geek, but I am a giant organization and space-saving nerd. That’s why I was so excited when I found this easy sewing tutorial for a fabric charging station that’s perfect for reviving my phone’s battery and storing all of its accessories! The hanging function also keeps your electronics off counters that are prone to spills and messes or off of the floor where it could be easily overlooked and stepped on. In case you couldn’t tell, I am speaking from experience in both examples.


All you’ll need to make this quick sewing project is fabric of your choice, a grommet, scissors, a ruler and, of course, a sewing machine. There are 3 separate panels you will be creating. The first is the front panel that holds the phone in, the second is the panel with the grommet to hold it against the wall while allowing it to hang, and the third is to store your cord and charger in while your phone is in use. The third panel is optional, but I highly recommend it for organizational purposes.

Create your DIY phone charging station in an array of colors and patterns or keep it simple with a single fabric of your choice. Once you’re finished crafting your own hanging phone charging station, fill us in with any of your sewing tips and tricks you learned along the way. Send us photos of your finished projects along with your advice in the comments section below the video!

Thanks to Man Sewing for this amazing video tutorial that was so helpful in making this sewing project. Also a big thanks to Positively Splendid for the lovely pictures of their finished project.

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