3 Simple Steps To Master The Dinnertime Rush

3 Simple Steps To Master The Dinnertime Rush | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

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Being rushed over dinnertime isn’t a pleasant situation to be in because you are trying to finish within a limited time and this can cause you a lot of stress and confusion, plus, it is more tiring than when you do it ahead of time. This situation is even more stressful if you have a lot of tasks or chores on your hands and you’re too busy to organize your family mealtime. Luckily, there are ways to avoid this kind of event from happening and prepare for them in a more organized manner with these 3 easy and simple steps by But First, Coffee on YouTube.



  • Have a Meal Plan
  • Prepare Ahead of Time
  • Keep Your Kitchen Tidy


Step 1: Have a Meal Plan

Plan your meal for the entire week, you can do it as early as Sunday, then write down the meals that your family is going to eat for the week, and from there generate a grocery list. Once you’ve figured out all of the groceries that you will need, order them online or pick the grocery up personally at the earliest convenient time you can manage. This step will allow you to be prepared for what meals are coming on what days so you don’t have to rush yourself on the said days. However, it takes a lot of discipline to practice and stick to this plan.

Step 2: Prepare Ahead of Time

The goal in this step is to have the least amount of choices and tasks when dinnertime comes, so once you’ve found out which meal you are preparing for the day and you have the ingredients available, then start preparing what you can such as the veggies or marinades, and set them aside when you start cooking later. You can start as early as the days before, during the morning, or during your lunch break.

How To Prepare For Dinnertime Rush
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Step 3: Keep Your Kitchen Tidy

It’s 50 times harder to cook in a messy kitchen and 100 times easier and less stressful to prepare in a space that is free of a cluttered sink full of dishes. Every morning, make sure to allot some time to empty your dishwasher, then put the breakfast plates in the dishwasher before you leave or start another chore or task. This will also make prepping easier for you because you can easily locate the tools you’ll be needing and they’ll be clean for you to use.

Tips To Avoid Dinnertime Rush
Image credit: But First, Coffee via YouTube


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3 Simple Steps To Master The Dinnertime Rush

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