8 Smart Uses for Dryer Sheets

8 Smart Uses for Dryer Sheets | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

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Dryer sheets have a lot more uses and purposes than you think and you might be surprised by these hacks by Chas’ Crazy Creations on YouTube. These dryer sheets contain a fresh fragrance that can help your shoes, sheets, and even your trash can smell nice.


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Here are 8 awesome uses for dryer sheets that you can try today. Watch the video tutorial below and find out which one works best for you. I hope you find these tips and tricks as helpful as I did.

8 Dryer Sheet Uses & Hacks:

  • Sharpen Scissors
  • Shoe Hack
  • Burnt Pan Hack
  • Dust TV
  • Clean Sink
  • Clean Trash Can
  • Clean Soap Scum
  • Keep Your Sheets Fresh

How to Use Dryer Sheets:

#1: Sharpen Scissors

If your scissors are kind of gunky or not cutting, grab some dryer sheets, and rub them along the blade of the scissors to clean them up and sharpen them as shown in the video.

#2: Shoe Hack

Cut a dryer sheet in half and place one in each of the shoes, this will help keep your shoes smell fresh and remove bad odors.

#3: Burnt Pan Hack

Fill the pan with some water, then add a few drops of Dawn dish soap, and place a dryer sheet into the pan. Let it sit for at least 10 minutes or more, the longer the better. Take your dryer sheet, then wipe out the inside, and scrub it clean.

#4: Dust TV

The static of the dryer sheets is very helpful in cleaning the dust right off of the surface of your TV and computer monitor. You can also clean other surfaces of your home with these.

Dryer Sheet Tips and Hacks
Image credit: Chas’ Crazy Creations via YouTube

#5: Clean Sink

Dampen a dryer sheet, then polish your faucets as well as the entire sink with it. This will help clean off the soap scum, gunk, and other dirt buildups sitting around your faucet and sink.

#6: Clean Trash Can

Take that dryer sheet that you used, then throw it into your bathroom trash can to keep it smelling fresh and fight the bad odor. You can also put these in your kitchen trash cans.

#7: Clean Soap Scum

You can use dryer sheets to clean soap scum, but make sure to dampen the sheets first, it will release a fragrant smell. Scrub the soap scum with it and you’re done.

#8: Keep Your Sheets Fresh

To keep your sheets smelling fresh, fold the first sheet, then place a dryer sheet in the middle, and place the next sheet on top along with the pillowcases. This is a great and neat way to store your sheets while also making sure they smell good when you need to use them.

How to Use Dryer Sheets
Image credit: Chas’ Crazy Creations via YouTube

8 Smart Uses For Dryer Sheets

*All image credit belongs to Chas’ Crazy Creations via YouTube. Follow and subscribe to her channel for more! 

8 Smart Uses for Dryer Sheets

8 Smart Uses For Dryer Sheets

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