10 Surprising Uses of Dawn Dish Soap

10 Surprising Uses of Dawn Dish Soap | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

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Dawn dish soap isn’t only effective in fighting grease and washing your dishes clean, but is also useful in many other ways that you wouldn’t expect. Learn them in this video tutorial by Joy Home Remedies on YouTube and choose 1 or more hacks that you’d want to try at home the most.



  • Remove hair product buildup
  • Soften cuticle for manicures
  • Relieve poison ivy
  • Make a gel ice pack


#1: Remove hair product buildup

Once a month, use Dwan dish soap as a shampoo alternative to give your hair and scalp extra care. It’s incredibly effective when it comes to removing excess oil and stubborn buildup from styling products without causing any damage.

#2: Soften cuticle for manicures

Achieve a salon-worthy manicure in your home by soaking your fingertips in a bowl of Dawn of dish soap before starting your manicure. This makes your cuticles soft and easy to work with, and it results in a perfect polish application. Dawn works wonders by removing the natural oils from your nails making the nail polish adhere better for a longer-lasting finish.

Easy Dawn Dish Soap Tips and Hacks
Image credit: Joy Home Remedies via YouTube


#3: Relieve poison ivy

It can be irritating and uncomfortable when those pesky blisters start popping up, and it’s crucial to tackle them head-on when this happens by washing the affected area with Dawn dish soap. This way you’re not only drying up the fluid but also preventing it from spreading further.

#4: Make a gel ice pack

Whether it’s a twisted ankle, a sore muscle, or a cool refresher on a hot day, this homemade ice pack is a handy item to have. Grab a Ziploc bag, then partially fill it with Dawn dish soap, and give it a gentle squeeze to remove any excess air. Seal it up tight, then place it in the freezer, and use it when needed. Dawn has a freezing property so it will stay cold for longer, and you can also refreeze and reuse it again and again.

Different Uses of Dawn Dish Soap
Image credit: Joy Home Remedies via YouTube


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10 Surprising Uses of Dawn Dish Soap

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