Coca Cola Chicken Wings Recipe

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These Coca Cola braised chicken wings will forever be your favorite type of chicken wing after you try this recipe. They are super easy to make and have a tremendous amount of flavor. Check out the 3 simple steps below and make your own Coca Cola chicken wings at home.

My husband loves chicken wings. I often buy them for him whenever I see some that look good but I have always been too afraid to make them. In my mind, they were too difficult to make and required too much skill and effort in the kitchen. As his birthday rolled around I thought about all the other things that I could make for him in the kitchen until I finally build up the courage to attempt a batch of wings. I went online and found this recipe, I chose it mostly because of the fact that the picture looked so good and we had all of the ingredients at home. When my husband came home from work that day, I presented him the plate of wings without telling him that I made them myself. After he licked the plate clean, he asked me to tell him where I had bought them from. When I revealed that I made them myself and that they were incredibly easy to make, he begged for me to make him more wings all the time as they became his absolute favorite.



  • 1 scallion
  • 3 slices of ginger
  • 1 tbs light soy sauce
  • 1 tsb dark soy sauce
  • Cooking oil 12 oz coke
  • 1 1/2 cans of beer
  • 8-12 chicken wings

Step 1:

Begin by cooking chopping and cooking the scallion in oil along with the chicken wings.

Coca Cola Chicken Wings

Step 2:

Next, pour in the 2 types of soy sauce, beer, and ginger and continue cooking the chicken.

How to Make Coca Cola Chicken Wings

Step 3:

Finally, finish by pouring in the bottle of coke and cook until lightly blackened and crispy.

Easy Coca Cola Chicken Wing Recipe

I can’t stress how great this recipe is, the perfect dish that is easy to make and tastes so good. For a full video how-to, check out the link below!

Coca Cola Chicken Wings Recipe

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