Easy Cinderblock and Epoxy Patio Table

Easy Cinderblock and Epoxy Patio Table | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Image credits: BM Sculptures


Do you love updating the look of your space from time to time? Then I’m sure you will be excited to make this cinderblock and epoxy patio table from BM Sculptures on Youtube. This gorgeous epoxy patio table will absolutely give your outdated space some new look. Learn how to make one by watching the video tutorial below.



  • mas tabletop epoxy
  • epoxy pigment (pearl)
  • epoxy pigment (flat color)
  • heat gun
  • torch
  • epoxy tape
  • Makita track saw
  • 3/4″ particle board
  • cinderblocks
  • exterior paint


Step 1

Paint the side of the cinderblocks that will be exposed with some exterior paint. Once the paint is dry, assemble the cinderblocks where you intend to place them. (This will be the base of the table.) Moving on with the tabletop. Cut the particle board in the intended size, making sure that it’s around 4 inches wider and longer on both sides. That way, it can overhang the cinderblocks, creating a little more dimension. Next, cut down the sides of the table, around 2 inches in measurement. (Four pieces of this.) After this, assemble the pieces, then glue and nail them. Sand everything down, then round all the sides of the tabletop. Fill in the holes from nailing with wood filler or drywall compound. (Depends on what’s available to you.) Once everything is done, paint it with some white paint. Let it dry overnight.

Assembling the base of the table which are the cinderblocks
Image credits: BM Sculptures via Youtube


Step 2

After drying the tabletop overnight, it is time for the epoxy. Make sure that is everything leveled first for epoxy not to drip. Pour in the epoxy on top but make sure to tape something that is specifically made for resin on the edges for the epoxy not to spill. Let the epoxy dry completely, then pull off the tape. Leave it for a night to let everything settle down ultimately. After a night, you can now place it on top of the cinderblocks. Your table is now complete.

Working on the epoxy which will be the tabletop
Image credits: BM Sculptures via Youtube

Easy Cinderblock and Epoxy Patio Table

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