Jenny Doan’s Easy Cathedral Window Quilt

Jenny Doan’s Easy Cathedral Window Quilt | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Image by: Missouri Star Quilt Company


Recently, I went on a trip and visited a church. As I was entering inside, I saw these beautiful big cathedral windows. It was early in the morning. The sun was directly passing through these blue and yellow colored glasses, illuminating the whole place. It was truly magical! It inspired me for my next quilt, so I looked for sewing projects on Youtube that captured the same feeling. I saw this easy cathedral window quilt tutorial by Missouri Star Quilt Company which is a perfect resemblance. I was so happy; I instantly knew I had to make them. If you also want to create this quilt, you can watch the full instructions in the video below. Happy quilting!



  • 1 pack of 5″ squares
  • 1 pack of 5″ white squares
  • batting
  • back fabric


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Step 1:

Get 4 pieces of 5″ squares with different colors and make them into a block.

Step 2:

Take 4 white 5″ squares. Fold them in half diagonally and press. Place them on each of the squares on the block with the top corner of the triangles in the center creating a diamond.

Easy Cathedral Window Quilt Project
Image by: Missouri Star Quilt Company

Step 3:

Sew the upper and bottom squares first with a 1/4″ seam allowance. Press the seams open and then sew them together to make the block.

Step 4:

Take one colored square and place it on top of the diamond. Secure with a pin. Fold one of the white edges toward the center to make a curve. Take it on the sewing machine and sew right on the edge of the curve. When you are on the top, pivot, fold the second white edge, and sew. Do the same for the remaining two.


If you’re going to make the whole window, create 6 of these blocks, and don’t sew the white edges yet. Once done, assemble them in 2 rows with 3 blocks for each one. Secure them together with pins. There will be two diamonds in the center. Place white squares folded diagonally on top of the center diamonds and sew the columns together. Place 2 colored squares on the white diamond and secure with pins. Place it on top of the batting and back fabric and start sewing the white edges just like on the single block.

Easy Cathedral Window Quilt Tutorial
Image by: Missouri Star Quilt Company


Jenny Doan’s Easy Cathedral Window Quilt

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