10 Driving Hacks That Will Save You Gas Money

10 Driving Hacks That Will Save You Gas Money | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Image credits: BRIGHT SIDE via Youtube


Gas prices just continually increase over time, so being smart on how you spend your gas money has become necessary. These ten driving hacks from BRIGHT SIDE on Youtube will teach you how to spend less on gas. Learn these hacks by watching the video below.


#1 Always stay alert on the road

If you stay alert on the road, you won’t have to hit the brakes abruptly because you will see obstacles and danger coming your way.

Staying alert in the road to save gas
Image credits: BRIGHT SIDE via Youtube

#2 Keep an eye on gas prices

To save gas money, look for affordable gas websites like gas buddy and gas price watch. These will help you keep an eye out for the best gas prices around you.

#3 Remove unnecessary weight

It is better to unload your trunk and keep only the necessary things such as a spare wheel, a tire jack, and car keys.

#4 Monitor your tire pressure

Properly inflated tires provide an optimal braking path. To get the best out of your car, get the highest possible pressure in your tires. It will make your rolling resistance and gas mileage much better.


#5 Don’t drive when it rains

It is a good idea not to drive in the rain. First of all, there’s a high risk of accidents, apart from that, fuel consumption also gets higher.

#6 Make your route logistically efficient

If you plan your route efficiently, it will help you save on gas expenses, especially during the winter. A cold engine will consume more fuel for the first 5 miles or so.

#7 Turn off the air conditioning

Using your AC in your car or not is a matter of choice. Everyone must decide for themselves which is more important, comfort or fuel economy. With the air conditioner turned on, fuel consumption increases by 15% on average. So if you turn off the aircon, you will save approximately 1 gallon of gas per 100 miles.

#8 Undergo servicing on time

Careful driving won’t help you save much money if you burn oil, has imbalanced tires, and loose belts. It is a good idea to consult before something terrible happens, not after. It will also tell you how often you should tune up your car, and change belts and oil.

#9 Use cruise control on the highway

Your vehicle will consume much less fuel if you follow speed limits and use cruise control rather than accelerating on each open road section. In case you are very new to the driving world, cruise control is a smart system that automatically controls the speed of your vehicle.

#10 Don’t put the pedal to the metal

In driving school, we were taught that acceleration and braking should be done smoothly because it was not just that the driving instructor hated your on and off abrupt driving style or was afraid you would damage their car, it was actually a valuable fuel-saving lesson. It’s ideal to travel at a constant speed of around 50 miles per hour and in the highest gear.

Following the speed limit signs to save gas
Image credits: BRIGHT SIDE via Youtube

10 Driving Hacks That Will Save You Gas Money

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