Donna’s Scrap Buster Table Runner

Donna’s Scrap Buster Table Runner | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Image by: Jordan Fabrics


Have tons of fabric scraps and don’t know what to do with them? Turn them into Donna’s scrap buster table runner by Jordan Fabrics. It’s a great quilt project as you can use it to decorate your tables at home. You can also gift them to your family or friends. Watch the video below for the full instructions.



  • neutral colored strips
  • fabric strips from scraps at least 5-in long
  • jelly rolls


Step 1:

Take 1 neutral strip and 1 scrap. Stitch on the edge with a quarter-inch seam allowance. Grab another scrap piece with a different color and put it right next to the bottom of the first one and keep stitching. Keep adding pieces until you cover the whole neutral strip. Finger press the seam allowance towards the scrap pieces.

Step 2:

Take another neutral strip and place the sewn strips on the top right sides together. The scrap part should be on the right, aligned with the edge of the neutral strip. Sew with a quarter-inch seam allowance. Press the seam allowances towards the center.

Step 3:

Take it to your cutting board and trim off the selvages. Once done, cut it into 2 1/2″ pieces. Make sure that each piece has only 1 fabric design in the middle. If there are 2, trim off the excess from the last fabric then continue cutting. Repeat the whole process from step 1 to make 4 more strip units.


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Step 4:

Take two of the blocks and arrange them with the top of the second piece aligned with the middle of the first piece. Put them right sides together and line them up so the intersection matches. Stitch along its edge. Open it up and finger press. Get another one and do the same procedure. Continue doing this until you have 17 in a row. After that, make another 2 the same as the first row. Iron it and go with the grain.

Donna's Scrap Buster Table Runner Quilt
Image by: Jordan Fabrics


Step 5:

Put your ruler a quarter inch beyond all of the tips on the top and cut. Do the same for the bottom. Trim off the ends with a quarter inch beyond the intersection.

Step 6:

Get 2 jelly rolls and place them in the middle of the three patchwork strips. Get two more and place them on the top and bottom.  Trim off the jelly rolls if needed. Place the first 2 rows right sides together and sew the edge. Make sure not to stitch over the points. Do the same for the remaining pieces and sew them in a nice big block.

Donna's Scrap Buster Table Runner Project
Image by: Jordan Fabrics


Donna’s Scrap Buster Table Runner

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