Donna’s Magic Boxes Quilt

Donna’s Magic Boxes Quilt | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Image by Jordan Fabrics


Donna’s magic boxes quilt definitely draws a lot of attention. Several triangle units are sewn together to make the diamond shapes. Make sure to use contrasting colors when you make this pattern. Watch the video tutorial below by Jordan Fabrics for full instructions. Happy quilting!



  • 64 pieces of 2 1/2″ jelly roll strips or 22 quarter-yard cuts or 22 quarter-yard cuts
  • 2 1/2 yards for accent and inside border
  • 1 and 1/4 yards for the outside border
  • 3/4 yard for binding
  • 5 1/2 yards for backing

For the quarter yards: cut each one into 3 segments at 2 1/2″ width of the fabric. You need 64 strips.

For the accent fabric: cut 40 segments at 2″ width of the fabric. Set 8 pieces aside for the inner border.


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Step 1:

Get 2 pieces of 2 1/2″ jelly roll strips and 1 piece of 2″ accent strip. Press all seam allowances to the left side. Repeat to make a total of 32 strip units.

Step 2:

Get 2 strip units, place them right sides together, and sew them together along each long edge to make a strip tube. Repeat to make a total of 16. Press them flat.

Step 3:

Lay the strip tube on your cutting board and place the 7″ line of your strip tube ruler on the bottom stitching line and cut a triangle. Next, put it on the top stitching and cut a triangle. Repeat this process to get 7 triangles from each strip unit. You will have a total of 112 triangles. (Note: you only need 108 pieces)

Donna's Magic Boxes Quilt Tutorial
Image by Jordan Fabrics


Step 4:

Open the triangles and press the seam allowance to one side.

Step 5:

Arrange the squares in 12 rows with 9 blocks in each row. Sew in rows, then rows together – alternating the direction of the seam allowances. Press along the grain of fabrics.

Donna's Magic Boxes Quilt Project
Image by Jordan Fabrics


Step 6:

Sew the reserve 8 at 2″ inner border strips into a long piece. Measure the width of your quilt and cut 2 borders with that measurement. Sew on the bottom and top of the quilt. Repeat for the length of the quilt.


Donna’s Magic Boxes Quilt

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