Dollar Tree Light-Up Gift Christmas Decor

Dollar Tree Light-Up Gift Christmas Decor | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Image by Rebecca, Stu & The Crew


Feel the holiday season by decorating your space with this Dollar Tree light-up gift Christmas decor by Rebecca, Stu & The Crew. Your room will surely brighten up with this beautiful DIY piece. You can make them in big and small sizes, then place them beside your Christmas tree. Learn how to make this through the video tutorial below.



  • mini lights
  • shelf liner
  • cooling racks
  • wired ribbon
  • greenery
  • wire cutters
  • wrench
  • hot glue
  • scissors
  • floral wire


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Step 1:

For the big gift, use 2 cooling racks. For the small gift, cut a cooling rack in half and just use one half.  Flip them so that the stand is facing up and it lays flat on your workspace. Place your one hand on the center line and fold it in half using your other hand to create a right angle. Use your fingers to push the corners in. Do the same process for the other rack.

Step 2:

Line them up next to each other making a box with the bumps facing inward. Tie them together using floral wire. Tuck in the ends so they won’t poke out.

Step 3:

Start attaching the light to a corner, then around using floral wire. Make sure the plug comes out of the side of your gift at the bottom. Take a long piece of floral wire and tie it corner to corner. Do the same for all corners, then the centers to make a large star shape. Flip the box and wire it the same way.

Dollar Tree Light Up Gift Christmas Decor DIY
Image by Rebecca, Stu & The Crew


Step 4:

Cut two rectangles from the shelf liner and cover the two sides of the box. Then use a bigger liner to cover the whole box. Attach them using hot glue.

Step 5:

Wrap the ribbon in the center of the box and glue them. Next, cut a long piece of ribbon and then cut a triangle on the ends to make it two-pointed. Add hot glue on the bottom middle of the box and place the center of the long piece of ribbon. Wrap it around and tie it into a knot. Make a bow with the ribbon. Glue some greenery and pine cones on the top, then add the bow.

Dollar Tree Light Up Gift Christmas Decor Project
Image by Rebecca, Stu & The Crew



Dollar Tree Light Up Gift Christmas Decor

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