3 Dollar Tree DIY Valentines Day Wreath Ideas

3 Dollar Tree DIY Valentines Day Wreath Ideas | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Image credit: Lori Blye DIY on Youtube


If you are running out of ideas for a decor to hang on your wall this Valentine’s Day, you can check out the 3 wreath ideas Lori Blye DIY introduced on her Youtube channel. The projects are so easy to make. And what’s more important is that the materials are so cheap because most of them can be bought from the Dollar tree. Below is one of the three projects she suggested. It’s a beautiful piece that can be done in one day. So try it out and have something beautiful hang on your wall on this day of hearts.



  • 12-inch paper heart from the Dollar tree
  • white acrylic paint
  • paintbrush
  • 6 wooden Dollar tree skewers
  • ruler
  • pencil
  • clippers
  • sandpaper
  • Elmer’s glue
  • 4 1/2 inch mason jar 
  • Pink homemade chalk paint
  • zip tie
  • hemp or jute
  • vintage key
  • flowers from the Dollar tree


Start with the 12-inch heart from the Dollar tree. Remove the metal heart that comes with it. Flip the heart to make the back face you. Remove the stickers and the hanger. Take out the white acrylic paint and paint white over the back of the heart. Make sure to paint two coats. Let it dry.

diy valentines wreath materials
Image credit: Lori Blye DIY on Youtube

Now take out your skewers. Put some parchment paper down to protect your table. Then paint the skewers white over the paper. Give the rest of the skins complete coats. You can also decide to use another paint color to coat your skewers. It all depends on what kind of effect you want to achieve. Once done painting, let all the pieces dry.

Before you add the skewers to the heart, use the ruler to measure the distance across the heart. Then, with a pencil, mark the measurements at 1, 3, 7, 9, and 11 points. Now that you have the spacing laid out, take each of the skewers and lay them on the pencil markings. Then, with the pencil, mark the skewers where they reach the ends of the heart.

When done, use your clippers to cut the ends of the skewers where the pencil marks are. Use sandpaper to file down the sharp ends of the skewers. Then attach the skewers to the heart with glue. Don’t use a glue gun because you don’t want the glue to ooze out.

Set it aside.

Get your mason jar and paint it with pink homemade chalk paint. Mix a quarter teaspoon of pink acrylic paint with a tablespoon of white acrylic paint and a teaspoon of baking soda in a small plastic cup. Give it a good mix. Then, using a smaller brush, paint the mason jar all over. Then let it dry.

Once dry, use a zip tie with hot glue to attach the jar to the heart. The zip tie should be long enough to wrap around the top of the jar and go through the heart. To hide the zip tie, wrap hemp around the top of the jar with hot glue as well. But leave a bit of the end of the zip tie hanging out.

Then cut 30 inches of hemp as your hanger. Slip the end of the hemp through the hanger holes of the heart. Tie a knot. Then slip the vintage key in between the hemp. Add the other end of the hemp through the hole and tie a knot as well. Cut the extra ends. Add some glue on the knots so they will stay put on the heart.

Drill 2 holes in the center of the heart, making sure one hole is a bit larger to accommodate the bigger part of the zip tie. Put the ends of the zip tie through the holes and pull them tightly at the back, then close. Once the jar is perfectly in place, cut the extra ends of the zip tie.

how to make a valentines day wreath
Image credit: Lori Blye DIY on Youtube

Put the flowers in the jar. Then hang your heart on your wall.

3 Dollar Tree DIY Valentines Day Wreath Ideas

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