She Buys Dollar Store Vases And Wraps Yarn On Them. The Result Is Stunning (Watch!)

She Buys Dollar Store Vases And Wraps Yarn On Them. The Result Is Stunning (Watch!) | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

An easy project that are not only functional and pretty, but so cheap to make!. You can personalize these using yarn or even use rope or twine in colors that match your whole home decor.


This is basically one of the easiest DIY projects you’ll ever tackle. You can take any old bottle or vase you have lying around the house and give it a fun makeover with this low-cost DIY! Wouldn’t it be the perfect addition to your wedding day decor, by using the colors you’ve chosen for your wedding?

Guide Central uses wine bottles for this project and that’s an option, of course. I happen to prefer vases that you can pick up for $1 ea., if you don’t have them at home.  I just prefer the shape over wine bottles, but they still work the same.

I saw a set of wine bottles on Etsy that were decorated this way and she was selling the set for $35! Wow, we can save some money by doing this ourselves, right? The words of love, hope, or home are just a few words we see used, but you can use any word you choose. That’s what’s so great about doing these ourselves!

Watch how Guide Central does this great DIY project in their step by step tutorial and break out those vases or wine bottles!

Photo Credit: The Homemakers Journey Blog

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