Finally, I Learned How To Make This Pinterest Favorite For My Backyard!

Finally, I Learned How To Make This Pinterest Favorite For My Backyard! | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

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We all see these all over Pinterest and admire them, but don’t you ever wonder how you can have one? I know that I have and I’m so excited to present this tutorial to you!

This is one thing you must add to your garden space…this accent wooden wheelbarrow… they always work great for an instant decorative vibe to your garden! There lies a big range of garden planters having different artful designs, features and sizes! Of course you want to go DIY and pallet wood is a great option to construct high quality wooden accent planters in no time, an example is this DIY pallet wheelbarrow planter best for garden decors and overall grooming and will also be fun while moving here and there!


These wooden wheelbarrows look so beautiful in the front yard, with beautiful flowers planted in them and I’d always wanted one! When I ran across this tutorial I got my husband involved and we made one of these! I feel like a kid who has a brand new toy!

If you don’t want to put flowers in this, for fall decor you can fill up your wheelbarrow with pumpkins, dried corn and gourds…it’s a great way to start off the holiday season!

Watch how Big JC 12000 does this in his step by step tutorial so you can add this unique wheelbarrow to your yard!


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