DIY Wood Snowman

DIY Wood Snowman | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Image by Simply DIY via YouTube


This DIY wooden snowman by Simply DIY on YouTube is so adorable and easy to make with minimal tools. This video shows you how to make a simple snowman out of wood without a big workshop. It’s a small project to work on so it would not take a whole weekend to make. You can precut all of your wooden pieces for your snowman and then it’ll make the DIY quicker. I think this is a great holiday decor for the wintertime, and you can place them around the house or on trays for centerpieces. You can be creative with these snowmen by drawing on silly faces and tying on festive scarves for each individual.



  • wood
  • saw
  • sharpies
  • popsicle sticks
  • scissors
  • wood glue
  • thin ribbon


First, take your wood and slice them in fairly medium size circles. Cut some of them thicker for the top of the snowman’s hat. Then, cut off the top and bottom pieces so that they can easily connect to the snowman’s body.

Use Real Wood Branches To Make Snowman - DIY Snowman - Snowman Decor
Image by Simply DIY via YouTube


Next, draw on the snowman’s face with markers, and use a popsicle stick as the support to glue on the wood pieces. Assemble the rest of the wooden snowman. Continue to watch Simply DIY tutorial on YouTube for full instructions and details.

Wood Snowman Decorations | A Simple How To DIY tutorial | Simple Woodworking Project
Image by Simply DIY via YouTube

Overall, I love how inexpensive this DIY wooden snowman cost to make because you can use wood from the backyard, and all you need to buy is the ribbon. Even then, you can draw on the scarf, but the ribbon adds a nice dimension in texture. Also, you can make a bigger snowman by using big pieces of wood from a tree. Plus, I think it would be interesting to see a big snowman made out of wood.

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