DIY Vanishing Waterfalls Planter Pot Fountain

DIY Vanishing Waterfalls Planter Pot Fountain | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Image by SerpaDesign via YouTube


Since it’s already spring, it’s time to bring your garden back to life. Clear the weeds and mulch, start pruning and cutting, and plant flowers to add some color. It’s also a great time to start with your DIY projects. If you still haven’t found any interesting projects to tackle, I suggest you make this DIY vanishing waterfalls planter pot fountain by SerpaDesign.


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I have seen a lot of these fountain projects before using planter pots, and this surely stands out from all of them. It is a more detailed project than usual since it involves a couple of steps, but it is definitely worth making. It is not as hard as you think. Let the video below help you with the step-by-step instructions. It will definitely be the center of attention in your garden.

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What You Need to Make a Vanishing Waterfall

  • 3 polyresin planter pots in different sizes
  • elbow pipes
  • geotextile fabric
  • pea pebbles
  • LDPE pond liner
  • pavers and geotextile fabric
  • limestone boulders
  • cinder blocks
  • pressure treated spindles
  • galvanized mesh
  • weather dirftwood
  • PVC coupling adapter
  • barbed hose fitting
  • PVC pipe
  • grow pot planters
  • river rocks
  • Oase waterfall pump 1650

How to Make a Vanishing Waterfalls

Step 1:

Remove the mulch and leaves from the soil area.

Step 2:

Measure your space and dig a four by four foot hole. The hole should be flat on the bottom, so tamp it down to stabilize.

Step 3:

Line it with a geotextile fabric, then with an LDPE pond liner. Leave it loose on the bottom so it doesn’t get pinched, then place rocks on the edges.

Step 4:

Fill the bottom with a layer of pea pebbles. Next, place the pavers to create a flat and stable surface on the bottom. Use geotextile fabric around thee edges to protect the liner.

Step 5:

Place the planters inside to get an idea how you want to arrange them. Remove them and start placing the cinder blocks. Start with two blocks on the bottom then make a space in between them for the tubing. Put additional set on top. Continue adding blocks until you fill the majority of the hole. Place the blocks on the bottom sideways to connect them for waterflow. For the top blocks, place them facing up to allow the water to enter the basin.

Step 6:

Make a frame using the pressure treated spindles. Pull the excess liner and fabric up around the frame using stainless steel staples. Staple the galvanized mesh in place.

What You Need to Make a Vanishing Waterfall
Image by SerpaDesign via YouTube

Step 7:

Cut a hole in the center to account for the pumps tubing. Then place the planter pots above the boulder and add withered wood. Arrange them however you want to. Now you have the arrangement. Make hole on the bottom of the big planter and outfit with a bulkhead, then connect a coupling to the exterior and interior. Put one on barbed house fitting as well.

Step 8:

Secure a PVC pipe to the inside and outside coupling.

Step 9:

Make spillways for each container.

Step 10:

Place the pots back and level them. Add grow plant planters upside down on each pot, then fill with river rocks. For the big planter drill a hole on the bottom for the stand pipe.

How to Make a Vanishing Waterfalls
Image by SerpaDesign via YouTube

Step 11:

Fill the basin with water. Secure the mesh with stainless steel and washers.

Step 12:

Cover the mesh with rocks, pebbles, and plants but leave the area where the pump will go exposed. Place a geotextile under the final spillway and cover it with moss.

Step 13:

Cut the mesh where the pipe will go, then add the pump. Cover with stones.


DIY Vanishing Waterfalls Planter Pot Fountain

DIY Vanishing Waterfalls Planter Pot Fountain

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