She Makes 5 Really Cool DIY Valentine’s Day Gifts (Watch!)

She Makes 5 Really Cool DIY Valentine’s Day Gifts (Watch!) | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

IdunnGoddess does it again! She will show you 5 easy DIY projects you can make for gifts this Valentine’s Day. They are something you can give to your friends and that special someone in your life and they will adore them!

  1. She makes pink and red heart shaped hanging pom poms. All you need is some yarn and a needle for this cute project.
  2. She “literally” makes a “handmade” heart. She takes a 40 x 40 cm (approx 16 x 16 inches) canvas, 4 printer paper sheets and she folds the printer paper in the center and puts it in the center of the canvas, drawing a heart shape with a pencil and then cuts it out. Then she puts double sided tape around the edges  of the heart and peels the back off the tape, laying the cut out heart drawing onto the canvas. Next she takes her water colors and and paints her boyfriend’s hand with one color and he lays it on the open heart space on the canvas, then she paints her hand a different color and does the same on the opposite side of the heart and they do this over and over until the canvas is full of their handprints…and voila! The project is finished and they pull off the paper outline of the heart.
  3. Paper heart garland + a Valentine Day card – She cuts 4 circles, after she folds red construction paper, she folds each circle like an accordion, but into a heart shape, then does the same thing with the pink and white construction paper and sews through each heart for to make a heart garland. She folds a piece of white construction paper, after she makes dashes with a red pen all the way around the paper and writes “I Love You” with a pink and red pen. Then she takes some of the remaining folded hearts and places them on their sides in the center of of the folded construction paper and glues them down, so when the card opens the hearts pop up.  She folds the card and ties it with some thin red ribbon with a bow on top. This is her special Valentine Card!
  4. Oh, and you’ve gotta watch to see the cool polymer clay heart bowl she makes!
  5. The last project she makes is her cute felt heart sleep mask she makes and your friends will love this one!

Watch how IdunnGoddess makes all of these darling Valentine’s Day projects in her step by step tutorial so you can get busy making hearts for your loved ones!


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