Everyone Can Have Super White Teeth Thanks to These 10 Easy Hacks

Everyone Can Have Super White Teeth Thanks to These 10 Easy Hacks | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

We all want to have pearly whites, but to have our teeth professionally whitened can be expensive. Karina Garcia shows us 10 different options for whitening out teeth at home in this tutorial below.


I was in denial that coffee was making my teeth yellow, since I love my Java. I realized that drinking coffee was actually changing the shade of my teeth and I found Karina’s tutorial to be quite helpful and tried some of these methods. I can’t say that I actually put a burnt tortilla on my teeth, but I tried a couple of her other methods and they definitely improved the color of my teeth.

I have a girlfriend who drinks her coffee through a straw so her teeth won’t yellow…I tried that and I just couldn’t get into using a straw to drink my coffee. I’m a serious coffee drinker and I don’t enjoy drinking it through a straw! That somehow takes the joy out of drinking coffee…imagine that!

Over the counter products are expensive and sometimes contain dangerous chemicals that can be harmful to the enamel protecting your teeth. I used Crest Whitening Strips for a long time.  Actually, I was kind of obsessed about using them.  I loved how white they made my teeth…but it all came at the price of constant temperature sensitivity and tooth pain.  I tried stepping down to the daily whitening toothpaste gels but was disappointed to find that they kind of had the same effects. If you are tired of spending too much money on solutions that end up hurting your teeth, try these at home techniques to get whiter teeth for free. I love wearing bright lipstick now, even my friends notice how much whiter my teeth look. Call me a little vain, but I must admit to loving the compliments.

Watch Karina Garcia’s step by step tutorial and her 10 different methods for whitening her teeth and give them a try!


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