She Cuts & Stretches Narrow Strips of a T-Shirt & What She Makes Is So Remarkable!

She Cuts & Stretches Narrow Strips of a T-Shirt & What She Makes Is So Remarkable! | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas
If you’re anything like me your wardrobe is probably filled with old t-shirts and tops!  With the cooler weather on it’s way why not turn those old tops into something stunning!  This is such an easy project and will take about half an hour!
I am always on the lookout for things to upcycle and when I came across some t-shirt scarves and necklaces on Pintrest lately I figured I may as well try and make one of my own!

All you need is an unwanted cotton t-shirt, and a pair of sharp scissors. 


Lay the shirt on a flat surface and smooth it out with your hands. Start by cutting off and discarding the hem. Beginning at the under the arms of the t-shirt and working your way down, cut 1-inch strips to make loops. Vary the width of your strips based on your desired necklace thickness. I wanted a lot of tubes, so I kept my strips small. You can also cut a variety of sizes for one necklace if you want a less-uniform texture.  Stretch out the loops you just made so the cotton curls in on itself and forms long tubes.  Double up each tube, matching up the seams at one end.  If you break a loop at the seam while you’re stretching it out, just tie it back together with a simple knot and trim the excess.  Group all of your tubes by size, keeping the seams together at one end.

I used a women’s tee, so the tapered fit resulted in a great variation of tube sizes. If you’re using a men’s tee, you can cut the tubes into various sizes and tie them back together.  Gather them all together, with the longest tubes on the bottom and the shortest on the top, but save one!

Cut the tube you saved in half to make it a long string. Tie the string in a knot near one end of the section of seams. Tightly wrap the string around all of the seams to cover them. Be careful not to get the tubes twisted or tangled as you’re wrapping.   When everything is smooth and covered, tie off the other end of the string in a knot (using one of the necklace loops if you need to). That’s it!

Watch the step by step tutorial so you can get started creating your t-shirt scarf/necklace!  Oh, and your friends on Facebook are gonna want to see this, so make sure to SHARE this with them on Facebook!


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