He Shows Us 10 Awesome Remedies For Stinky Shoes And They’re Dirt Cheap!

He Shows Us 10 Awesome Remedies For Stinky Shoes And They’re Dirt Cheap! | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

I think at one time of another we’ve all had shoes that get stinky…or a family member whose shoes get stinky. We don’t want to throw them out, but we don’t want to wear them either.


Household Hacker shows us some solutions to stinky shoes in his attached tutorial so you have some great options for remedying this problem.

Low Stink Options:

  • Cut a stocking in half and fill a couple of them with scented kitty litter and let it sit in your shoes overnight.
  • Load your shoes up with 5 tea bags (each shoe) and let sit in your shoes over night.
  • Load up a couple of clean socks with hickory chips and let sit in your shoes over night.

Medium Stink Options:

  • Sprinkle baby powder into each shoe and put each shoe in a zip lock bag, then put them in the freezer for 12-24 hrs. Extreme cold can kill off any odor causing bacteria.
  • Cut off a few lemon peels and put the peels inside your shoes and let the citrus oils do their thing over night.
  • Put cotton balls into some rubbing alcohol and fill the shoes up with these alcohol soaked cotton balls and let them sit overnight.

Holy Hell That Stink Is a Crime Against Humanity Options (for odors that should be considered a bio hazard):

  • Place your shoes into a pillow case and tie it down tight so they can’t move around. Throw your shoes into the washer and add some towels for some support. Run a cycle on hot and do the same in the dryer. When you remove them you should have some fresh smelling shoes.
  • Extreme smells call for some extreme measures, so fill a bucket up with water, leaving some room at the top, submerge your shoes into the water and throw in a bunch of denture sanitizers. The denture sanitizers will kill off bacteria and deodorize your shoes. After about 10 minutes remove them and let them dry on a towel. After about a couple of hours, you should have the mintiest shoes around!
  • Don’t forget to soap up your feet in the shower! This is key and many people seem to forget this simple thing. Also, change your socks daily or perhaps go see a podiatrist.
  • If none of these things work for you…go buy new shoes!

Watch how Household Hacker does these clever tips in his step by step tutorial so you’ll have good smelling shoes!

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