How to Make a DIY Ruffled Cushion Cover

How to Make a DIY Ruffled Cushion Cover | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Image credit: Rosery Apparel on Youtube


The word “cottagecore” appears to be in vogue these days. It also refers to a style that is built on the idea of living in a rural cottage. As a result, most “cottagecore” fans choose to use or make home furnishings and other attractive clothing with this style in mind. You might definitely start by making your own DIY “cottagecore” ruffled cushion if you like “cottagecore” or if you’ve always wanted to have anything that reminds you of living in a cottage. On YouTube, Rosery Apparel shows us how to do it quickly and easily. To top it off, your ruffled cushion will include a hidden zipper!



  • 40×40 cm cushion insert
  • 40 cm zipper length
  • You’ll need 34 yards of fabric for this project (you can reuse an old cotton bed sheet).
  • water-based erasable pen
  • Tape measure


Mark and cut out one 40 x 40 cm square, one 30 x 40 cm rectangle, and one 15 x 40 cm rectangle from the cloth with a pen and a measuring tape.

Cut one 15 cm × 4 meter cloth rectangle for the ruffle. It’s possible that you’ll have to cut it into four parts.

steps in making ruffled cushion cover
Image credit: Rosery Apparel on Youtube

To begin, secure the zipper. Using an iron, press the edges of the longest rectangle. Pins were used to secure the zip on the folded section. Sew it to the fabric with a needle and thread.

Then, using an iron, push the edges of the bigger rectangle by 2 12 inches. Place the zipper on the fabric with the correct side of the zipper facing down and the fabric facing up. It should be pinned in place. The zipper should then be sewn in place.

You now have a square that matches the other square cloth in size.

how to make ruffled cushion cover
Image credit: Rosery Apparel on Youtube

Begin by folding the cloth rectangles in half and pressing them with an iron to create the ruffle. Stitch the shorter ends together after folding the cloth into a loop. Then continue sewing the fabric’s long ends. Then gather the cloth into ruffles until it reaches the 40 x 40 cm square fabric’s outside edge. Stitch the gathered ruffles to the square fabric’s edges once they’ve been collected.

Then, to finish the cushion, sew around the whole edge of the square cloth. Trim the extra fabric once it has been sewed together. Then flip the pillow over to the correct side. Using a ripper, remove any exposed collecting stitches.

Finally, press the wrinkles out of your cushion.

How to Make a DIY Ruffled Cushion Cover

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