DIY Reusable Grocery Bag

DIY Reusable Grocery Bag | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Image credit: sewingtimes on Youtube


Helping the environment starts with everyday habits. One way to go eco-friendly is to use reusable grocery bags. Make it personal with this foldable shopping bag by sewingtimes on YouTube.


  • Scissors
  • Pins
  • Fabric marker
  • Ruler
  • Sewing machine

For a Big Size bag:

  • 2 21⅜″×23¾″ (55㎝ × 60㎝)
  • 1 6″×5½″ (15㎝ × 14㎝)
  • 1 6″×8″ (15㎝ × 20㎝)
  • 1 1⅛″×8¾″ (3㎝ × 22㎝)

For a Small Size Bag:

  • 2 14½″×16¼″ (36.5㎝ × 41㎝)
  • 1 4¾″×4″ (12㎝ × 10㎝)
  • 1 4¾″×7⅛″ (12㎝ × 18㎝)
  • 1 1⅛″×8¾″ (3㎝ × 22㎝)


The measurements used in this tutorial is for a small-sized bag.

materials for diy reusable grocery bag
Image credit: sewingtimes on youtube

Prepare all the needed materials. Fold the 2 14½″×16¼″ (36.5㎝ × 41㎝) lengthwise and pin in place. Using a ruler and a fabric marker, measure 6″ (15cm) and 8″ (20cm) on the other side. Also, measure 4 ¾” (12cm) on the top part and two 2 ½” (6.5cm) as so.

Cut each top 2 ½” (6.5cm) across both sides of the fabric as so. Open the fabric and lay it in place. The following measurements are for the big size bag. Fold the 2 21⅜″×23¾″ (55㎝ × 60㎝) lengthwise and pin in place and mark the measurements as stated in the picture. Cut out the measurements.

When done, open the fabric and lay it in place. Fold the two smaller fabrics and clip them in place. Mark 0.4″ (1cm) along the flap sides and sew, leaving a small opening. Cut off the edges and neatly press with an iron. Flip the fabric right side out and sew the opening.  Fold the 1 1⅛″×8¾″ (3㎝ × 22㎝) lengthwise, thinly, and sew. Loop the strap and sew on the right side of the smaller piece. Mark the center of the second 2 21⅜″×23¾″ (55㎝ × 60㎝) and pin the smaller piece in the center.

Place the second fabric on top of the small fabric and sew in place. Fold and iron a 0.3″ (0.8cm) seam allowance along the sides of the bag fabric and sew. Iron the fabric neatly after each side. Overlap the right sides of the two fabrics and pin them in place.

diy reusable grocery bag tutorial
Image credit: sewingtimes on Youtube

Sew the straps first. Turn the fabric right side out and pin it in place. Sew along the whole sides of the fabrics except the handle areas.  Turn the bag right side out and press neatly with the iron. Sew both sides again. Fold half of the handle width and sew 0.25″ (0.7cm) across the bottom of the bag.

Turn the bag right side out and fold the sides as shown. Then, sew it in place.

DIY Reusable Grocery Bag

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