She Shows Us An Unusual Way To Remove Coffee Stains From Clothes!

She Shows Us An Unusual Way To Remove Coffee Stains From Clothes! | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

We love our coffee, but we prefer to drink it, not wear it. Some days we’re just clumsy, or we have the misfortune of running into someone (literally) and spilling Starbucks on our favorite shirt. Stain remover pens can be a godsend, but different stains (like chocolate, blood, or salad dressing) require different treatments to remove a spot for good.


Luckily, you probably have most of the supplies you need in the pantry or under the sink, which is good because you want to treat stains ASAP!

This gal with Essortment shows us a clever an inexpensive way to remove that stubborn coffee stain from our clothes with something we almost always have in our home…eggs! What? I know that should have been your first reaction after reading the title. Guess what, your protein rich eggs are recognized to get rid of all kinds of stubborn stains. There are many people who have tried and tested this method and have been successful. To use an egg yolk to get rid of a coffee stain, just follow the simple steps below:

  • Just beat an egg yolk and rub it into the coffee stain directly with a clean towel.
  • Keep rubbing it for at least a minute.
  • Finally, rinse thoroughly with water, and the stain should disappear completely.

Watch how she does this in her step by step tutorial and get that awful coffee stain out of your favorite clothing!

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