DIY Pop Up Heart Card

DIY Pop Up Heart Card | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

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Do you want to learn other creative ways to make a pop-up heart card using just colored paper? Bastel Mit Papier on Youtube shares a very interesting tutorial on how to make a heart card. When you open it, you’ll see a red accordion heart. A really cute and nice surprise for a loved one on Valentine’s Day.



  • Red paper
  • A black piece of paper
  • Scissors
  • Ball pen
  • Glue


Cut the red paper into several squares. Fold all the squares lengthwise. Open the folded papers. Make sure there’s a crease in the middle. Put glue on the crease of one paper. Then paste one layer of squares on top of it. Repeat the process until all the squares are on top of each other.

materials for diy popup heart card
Image credit: Basteln mit papier on Youtube

So there will be several layers. Fold the entire layered square in half and draw half a heart on it. With the center of the heart on the folded part. Also, draw some half-circle ornaments on the edge of the heart. Cut the paper by following the shape of the drawing.

Then draw lines crosswise over the cutout heart. Every layer of it. Put glue by tracing every line that was drawn on every layer. Press after every application. Fold.

Take a larger piece of black paper and fold it lengthwise.Put the folded red heart on top of the black paper. Then trace a bigger heart around it. Cut out the black heart. Do the same on another piece of black paper. Now you have two big black hearts.

Now take a larger piece of red paper.Fold it. Then put over it one folded black heart. Trace a bigger heart around the black heart. Cut the shape. Now you have a bigger red heart.

Glue the two black hearts to the red heart. One black heart on the front and the back. So you will have a black heart with red trimmings.

how to make a diy pop up heart card
Image credit: Bastleln mit papier on Youtube

Glue the small red heart you made in the first step into the middle of this bigger heart. Then fold the big black heart and press to make sure everything sticks. The small heart will look like an accordion red heart once you open the black pop-up heart card.

DIY Pop Up Heart Card

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