DIY Candle Holder Made From Plastic Spoons

DIY Candle Holder Made From Plastic Spoons | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Image credit: Lista Tsurayya on Youtube


I wondered what to do with my excess plastic spoons from the holidays. It’s just too sad to look at them not being used. Plus, I planned to go eco-friendly for the new year. So, I went scrolling on the trusty web and found Lista Tsurayya’s tutorial on YouTube making this creative candle holder. It was easy to make and matched my table!



  • Used bottles
  • Scissors
  • Plastic spoons
  • Hot glue
  • Hot glue gun
  • Pliers
  • Tape
  • Wire (35cm)
  • Rope
  • 2 round cardboard (13cm diameter)
  • Foam sheet (13cm diameter)
  • Foam sheet strip
  • Decorative strip
  • Battery charged candles


Evenly cut the used bottle in half.

 Prepare a bundle of colored plastic spoons. Stick 6 plastic spoons around the bottle using hot glue. Cut the excess spoon handles using pliers. Using pliers, cut from the edge of the spoon handle for the remaining spoons.

making candle holder out of plastic spoons
Image credit: Lista Tsurayya on Youtube

Place the bottle with spoons at the center of a tape round. Carefully glue each spoon around the bottle. Alternate with the six glued spoons. Remove the tape and place hot glue around the edge of the bottle. Place six spoons linearly across the bottle. This will create the open petals of the flower. Place the excess spoons on the visible parts of the bottle.

Repeat the process with as many flowers as you want.

Using hot glue and a lighter, wrap the rope around the wire. Repeat the process with how many flowers you have. Tape 3 bundles of wire in different sizes and wrap them with wire. Attach the other stem wires as you wrap.  Glue the foam sheet to one round cardboard.Poke a hole in the center and stick in the stems.

upcycling spoons into candle holders
Image credit: Lista Tsurayya on Youtube

Flip and lay down the excess wires perpendicularly around the cardboard. Cut the extra wires. Secure the wires with hot glue and the other round of carboard. Place hot glue around the edges of the cardboard and attach the foam sheet strip. Manipulate each wire into spirals. Hot glue each flower on each spiral.  Attach a decorative strip around the edges of the base.

Lastly, place each battery-charged candle inside the flowers.

DIY Candle Holder Made From Plastic Spoons

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