How to Turn Trash Cans Into Tall Planters

How to Turn Trash Cans Into Tall Planters | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

I was looking for a planter to place my spring flowers in to decorate my front porch for the warmer months, and I stumbled across The Budget Equestrian’s video on “How To Make Tall Planters – SO EASY!” I was so excited to get started on this DIY that I ordered my trash cans that very minute. Yes, that’s right, I said trash cans. In this video, Lisa shows you how to transform $30 amazon trash cans into gorgeous flower planters for your outdoor spaces. A large flower planter would typically cost you around three times the amount you will spend to DIY them. These larger planters paired so perfectly with some of my other DIY patio planters, and I was even able to paint them to match the ones I have already made!


Materials for this project:

  • Tall Trash Cans
  • Paint and Paint Brush
  • Potting Soil
  • Plants of your choosing
  • Drill

For a direct link to materials, and step-by-step instructions, check out the description box of The Budget Equestrian’s youtube video down below.


Step One

You need to order your trash cans. Lisa links to the ones she uses in the description box of her YouTube video down below. 

Step Two

Drill holes in the bottom of the trash cans for water drainage. Be sure to drill slowly to avoid cracking the bottom of the cans. 

Step Three

Paint the trash cans however you’d like. In the video, Lisa uses chalkboard paint and does only one coat for a more vintage look.Painting A Trash Can For DIY Patio Planter - DIY Patio Furniture

Image By: The Budget Equestrian via YouTube

Step Four

Fill up the trash cans with a filler of your choice. You can use dirt, pinecones, rocks, mulch or something else. Then you will place potting soil into the planters to the appropriate height for your plants and then fill the planter with your flowers. 

Patio Planters Made From Trash Can - DIY Patio Planter

Image By: The Budget Equestrian via YouTube


DIY Patio Planters From Trash Cans

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