He Makes An Industrial Nightstand Out of Pallet Wood — So Awesome!

He Makes An Industrial Nightstand Out of Pallet Wood — So Awesome! | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

The importance of the nightstand can never be ignored, although we often neglect its importance but the fact of the matter is that our nightstand has actually become a part of our daily lives. The nightstand is very helpful as far as storing of items like books, lamp or clock etc. It also plays a key role as far as the decoration of your bedroom is concerned.


One of the easiest and cheapest nightstands is this DIY pallet wood nightstand and it has a chic modern look about it. I love the way he does the wood in contrasting earthy colors. It gives it the great industrial look!

Along with the bigger functional types of tables, the role of smaller table types in a home is a must as far as functionality goes! They also work great to achieve a cozy living room atmosphere, a functional and enhanced look of patio or garden furniture and a complete a must for a bedside accessory! You can build this awesome table with pallets in just no time!

This charming table contains the all the necessary features to serve as a nightstand that is employed as a bedside table to keep your nighttime things in arms reach!

Watch how Woodbrew makes this great looking bedside table in their step by step tuorial.

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