DIY Outdoor Sofa Made With 2x4s

DIY Outdoor Sofa Made With 2x4s | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Image By: Ana White on Youtube


This DIY outdoor sofa has to be the nicest looking, most professional, and sleek sofas I have ever found in the DIY world. This brilliant Youtuber named Ana White really outdid herself on this project and the results are outstanding. Ana makes two projects here as well, one project is a sofa with arms and the other project is a sectional, she uses these same plans for both. I found this video so useful because my husband and I had been looking for a modern looking outdoor sofa for the garden and had accepted the fact that we were going to have to spend more money than we felt comfortable spending to enable us to get the modern sleek look we were both looking for. After going through tons of Youtube videos, we had ruled out making our own, until we found this awesome video by Ana, where she creates a gorgeous sofa by building a simple frame out of 2x4s and adds very professional looking box cushions at the end to give it a plush and inviting look.



  • 5 (2×4) @ 12 feet long (cut the 70 1/2″ and the 72″ long pieces from these boards
  • 4 (2×4) @ 8 feet long (cut the rest of the boards from these boards)
  • 2 3/4 self-tapping exterior deck screws
  • Exterior grade glue


This is an amazing video that will take through this project, step by step. The plans are on the sofa makers blog Ana White on Robi Nation.

Make an easy outdoor sofa out of two by four wood

Ana makes this project look practically effortless, she first constructs the frame and then just decks it.

Build n outdoor sofa sectional for cheap

This DIY Outdoor Sofa is so gorgeous, it has the look of a high-end piece that would cost a couple of thousand if you bought it in the store. We invited all our friends over to watch a movie and have some beers outside on our new sofa and they couldn’t settle down long enough to enjoy the movie. Hubs had to take them inside his workshop and give them a play by play tutorial of how he made it!

Outdoor Sofa And Sectional Made With 2x4s

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