DIY Old Tires Into Flower Pots

DIY Old Tires Into Flower Pots | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Image by DIY Garden Ideas via YouTube


If you have old tires, and need to find a way to repurpose them, this is a great DIY project to create flower pots. DIY Garden Ideas on YouTube has a lot of tutorials that shows many ways to create creative garden pots using items that are reusable such as tires and plastic bottles. It’s such a great inexpensive way to take advantage of items that could be thrown away, but upcycle them into more useful things for around the house. Honestly, it looks cool to have this in the garden, because spray painting revamps the old tire look.



  • old tires
  • spray paint
  • marker
  • yardstick ruler or something to mark
  • power saw
  • ultilty knife
  • latex adhesive glue
  • soil
  • flowers


First, use a ruler to measure out half of the tire. Then, cut the tires in half with a power saw to make a little slit. Use a utility knife to cut through all the way until the tires are split. Continue to do these to the rest of the tires.

Recycling Old Tires Into Flower Pots - Upcycle Projects - Repurpose Projects
Image by DIY Garden Ideas via YouTube

Next, spray paint all of the tires. Create the center piece of this tire flower pot by gluing two different sizes of tires on top of each other. Continue to watch DIY Garden Ideas tutorial on YouTube for full instructions and details.

DIY Garden Tire - DIY Flower Pot - Garden Flower Pot Ideas
Image by DIY Garden Ideas via YouTube

Overall, I think it would be fun to repurpose old tires, because my dad has a lot of old tires that needs to be thrown out. Plus, you can get them at the junk yard or find them at the thrift store. Some may call this tacky, but I think it is a smart idea. Also, it is budget-friendly and inexpensive if you happen to have old tires at the house already.

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